How to Quote from This Website

We are glad that you are active users of our website. However, do not forget that materials obtained from the internet have their individual or collective authors as well. (Before you use them, bear in mind that someone had to create them :) Therefore, it is needed to quote materials properly to make sure the source will be identified.

Examples of Quotes:


  1. Quote from a material, which is a part of the book Ružový a modrý svet (Pink and Blue World), should contain this data (perhaps even the date of downloading):
    CVIKOVÁ, J.: One is Not Born as a Woman or as a Man. In: Ružový a modrý svet. Rodové stereotypy a ich dôsledky (Pink and Blue World. Gender Stereotypes and their Consequences). Občan a demokracia and ASPEKT, Bratislava 2006. Available at: Downloaded March, 25th, 2008.


  2. Quote from an article from a part of the website should contain this data (perhaps even the date of downloading):
  3. There is Only Work that Needs to Be Done. Campaign against gender stereotypes and gender division of labour. Available at:
    . Downloaded November, 8th, 2008.